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ETP-TFS Bao Steel Listing.xls
Offer 2038: ETP/TFS Bao Steel Chinese Coils ex USA
Offer No. 2038


Attached find packing list and some photos detailing ETP and TFS coils that were imported into the USA from Bao Steel, China but rejected due to handing damage (out of round to various degrees).  No rust or stain.

TFS 0.17-0.18 mm – 3 coils – 29320 kgs

ETP 0.155-0.265 mm – 29 coils – 227840 kgs


Total 32 coils, net 257160 kgs.


We are offering as entire lot, not pick and choose.

 Shipment ex Los Angeles in 20 ft containers.


Price: USD 695 per MT CFR.


Please review and advise interest at the earliest as subject prior sale.

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