We provide supreme services to our clients based in US and all over the world. Our services include following services and related to any metals industry:

Metal Procurement:

We procure different type of metal items, particularly steel flat rolled for Commercial Importers, Pipe mills, home Appliances companies.

Metal Sale: 

We also sale different type of materials, on behalf of our principle mills in USA, Europe, S. Africa, Middle East, Korea and for China.

Metal Import and Export:

We also import from China and Europe and export to Pakistan, USA and Middle East.


We regularly provide consultancy to our buyers and sellers about latest market trend, and ups down, so they already be aware from future selling or buying, and safe them self from any loss.

Market Surveys:

We also conduct different market surveys regularly to get a wider idea about people thinking and about market trend.

Technical Information:

We can also provide technical knowledge and LC and imports issues that any one wants to solve technically.

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